Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New Updated Studioroom.com

Wow, how difficult is it to update one's own portfolio? That only took about um... a year! Well I launched something, and it's not even done!

At least some of my more interesting and newest projects are now represented in my portfolio. Projects like Veggie Trader, Path 101, & Alaska Urological. Samples for older work, like Massify and Bounty Jobs are still available for anybody wanting to see more IA and interaction design, but you have to ask to see this work.

In the next couple of weeks I'll be fleshing out Studioroom and adding more details to the portfolio and to my process. Since Studioroom does different types of design work there's more than one process. Right now we're emphasizing the User Experience Design process which is for software products more than for simple websites. If you or your organization is trying to design a web application and are strugging with the User Experience Design, please contact me.

My UX process is illustrated below, and outlined in more detail on my site.

The Experience Design Process

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