Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big News - We're Moving! (closed Feb. 14 - 28)

Big News - We're Moving!

Finally happy 2011, happy new decade... We have some big announcements for things which have been in the works for over a year... we are moving!

First of all, thank you to our clients from 2010, Barber Lounge, Xobni, SF School of Massage, Alaska Urological, and Aquent for helping make 2010 a great year. You guys rock.

2011 has already gotten off to a huge start and momentum is building for us to do more great interactive work this year. I already completed a design for a really cool new start-up which I hope to be announcing soon. But I have an ugly secret which nobody really knows about and now I'm gonna come clean. For over a year I have been living and working out of my sister's crowded home in Baltimore and unfortunately dealing with way too much personal drama. A sick and now passed away beloved dog, and a nightmarish house shopping experience (which is a whole other blog post). We FINALLY closed on a new house on New Years Eve (our offer was accepted August 11th). Most of last year was a bullshit filled mess.

Our good news, soon we will be moving into our new home and office. Studioroom will finally have a dedicated um... studio room. After the move we expect to be at least 3 times more productive than we were last year.

So on that note, Studioroom will be closed for business from February 14 - 28 to move. We will re-open March 1st, but (since we know we'll have an email backlog) we will need a week to catch up on administrative work and communication. Please be patient with us over this transition to our new office.

We are looking forward to innovating with you in March.