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Washington Post Needs To Never Display Ads Like This

I am a subscriber of the Washington Post. Over the past several day's I've been seeing this ad displayed in articles online. It's insulting and disgusting and shows precisely how bad a job the site is doing curating ad content. I'm sure no human moderates the ads whatsoever. PLEASE STOP DISPLAYING THIS.

It's so amateurish that I have to complain to begin with. 
I have no problem with butts. This just isn't appropriate and I don't want to stare at images like this while trying to read the news. 

The Government Shutdown, Even Stupider Than You Thought

I feel bad. Or, more precisely, I feel immoral. As someone who contracts to the Gov I'm still working and getting paid. This feels immoral to me because Air Traffic Controllers, TSA agents and others are not getting paid. Their jobs aren't fun. These are dedicated professionals who ensure the safety of millions of travelers every day, and it makes me sad that they are being abused for a political stunt.

What I am NOT seeing in all the press about the shutdown is just how stupid this whole thing is. It's pointless, and a twisted way for Republicans to punish Democrats. Here is why the government shutdown is even stupider than you thought.

Contractors are still working (and charging for that time)
A family member of mine is furloughed and not getting paid but for some reason he says his contractors are. If contractors are still keeping things running during the shutdown then is his agency actually shutdown?

You can't shut down the databases
Every agency, no matter how mali…