Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's A Wonderful Work Life

I'm struggling to write my holiday greetings this year. As I write I was hoping to announce a change of address and some good news that I've bought a house, but alas I am not immune to the insanity that has gripped the rest of the country. I am still functionally homeless as I wait to close on a foreclosure, hoping it happens before Christmas.

Despite domestic inconvenience, 2010 has been a wonderful year. Business has been growing steadily throughout the year as Gavin and I reinvent the very definition of the word "work" by incorporating it with things like "play" and "life". It just seems like we are always doing a lot of all of those three things at once, and it somehow works.

We are looking forward to settling into a new home/office in 2011, finally setting up the kind of creative environment I've been dreaming of having since college. I'll just be happy to be able to start making all the food and art I can stand, but the main benefit of my new home is everything should become 10 time easier once we are settled and I can't wait.

The big challenge I'm assigning myself for 2011 is to learn how to develop for the iPad! I guess I need to do this since I won't have a house hunt to occupy my time anymore. I will also be beefing up my social media skills, learning how to utilize Facebook & other social media for the benefit of clients and projects. I am seriously considering attending a few developer conferences (Google, Apple, and Facebook) so we will continue to spend time on the West coast for business and pleasure.

I hope to see everyone in 2011! Gavin & I wish everybody a very happy holidays, and a wonderful New Year.