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Feeling Grateful For The Holidays

From Denali Excursion

I have a secret which I'm not proud of... I have been spending the past couple of weeks booking hours, working. Even on Christmas Eve. It's not by choice! If it were up to me I'd be hanging out on a cheap beach somewhere in Mexico. Anyway, I can't complain especially when I read/listen to the news. Just feeling grateful during the holidays.

The Google Christmas Illustration is Sexist

Way to go Marissa Mayer. Way to perpetuate stereotypes. Thanks.

Plaxo is Broken - Don't Use It - Use Gmail

Dear Friend,

I'm sorry. Plaxo is broken for me. Several years ago, when I worked at AOL they "automatically" created a Plaxo account for me and associated it to my work email, an AOL account. When I left AOL I found it was difficult to change my information, I just could not log into Plaxo any more because my cancelled AOL email address was still valid in their database. So deep was this magical connection to my old work email, that my identidy was essentially hijacked by Plaxo itself. I would try to fix this now but:

1. I seriously don't want to "figure it out".
(it's software for crist's sake, it should be figuring ME out)

2. I don't really care enough to waste even a few minutes of my time.
(all my free time is already sucked up by other websites)

3. I don't ever want to give my credit card number out to half baked web service for seemingly nothing.

Im sorry to have to sound so negative but there are FREE solutions for the purpose of organizing … Domain for Sale?

I couple of weeks ago I was talking to an Angel investor, a VC guy, about stuff. He said Studioroom is a great name, valuable because "you just can't get simple, clear, memorable domains like these easily". Who knew that "Studioroom" has some value?! Cool!

Who would want Studioroom? Artists, musicians, actors, DJs, designers, videographers etc. A whole network? A social network? A news site focusing on art?

So... yes, I will sell for the right price. Please contact design(at) with reasonable offers.

Shopping for A Husband? Talkeetna Bachelor Auction

I wish I could buy men like I buy shoes. Grab a cute pair, wear 'em out, and throw 'em away! . . . Oh wait, I can!

Before it's too late grab your tickets to Alaska RIGHT NOW and head to the frontier where REAL MEN still exist. This weekend is the 28th annual Talkeetna Bachelor Auction and Ball. This promises to be the most fun anywhere. And it's way more than just some lousy excuse to get drunk and flirt with guys, it's practically a music festival. You heard me, the best live music in the west, all packed into one weekend, in a really cool place called Talkeetna.

With a weekend loaded with music, fun, and men for sale, do you really want to hang out at the mall? Check it out:

More info: