Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breakaway Logo

I'm very excited about this new brand I'm working on. Breakaway. There will be more breakaway branding delight rolling out over the next 2 months. Here's a preview for now.

Want to update your brand? contact me, Stephanie and I'll hook you up.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I have been invited to try a new professional networking site called This site, in private beta let's people "review" each other, usually people already in your facebook network, anonymously. I thought this site could be really cool, now I can "review" that client or manager who really needs some critical feedback.

But as awesome as that may seem, I've struggled to enjoy the site because of the litany of bugs that I've experienced from the moment I first logged on. First of all, the onboarding process was complicated and strange. I have to disambiguate myself from a list of about a thousand other Stephanies - a list including a number of Silicon Valley Executives and their email addresses! How unvarnished can conceive of operating with this total privacy violation boggles my mind. I saved the source of this page and now I have an instant list of some good contacts which I'm tempted to SELL to some marketers (but I won't, I just need to prove a point).  Second of all, I have been unable to actually write my reviews. I managed to write 3 simple glowing reviews of some colleagues, but for some reason I just cant get my fourth review for Charlie to save... Every time I thought I was publishing my review, the site only published the 1st sentence, but not the whole review. On the 3rd attempt I gave up, and I mean I really just gave up. I have zero interest in checking out the site again which is sad because I know the developers behind unvarnished and I like them all.

I do not have time to - nor do I have the desire to WASTE time - on a website that just doesn't work. So without sounding too bitchy, I guess my point is this. All you web/software people, please try to be aware of the impact that your product is making on people's time. I know you want to grow, but better to pull back and release a more polished thoughtful product later, than to annoy potential users in order to rush to market.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Send Jonathan to NY Fashion Week Party! Saturday August 14th

If I were in San Francisco this weekend I would be going to the "The Fashion Aid" party at the Barber Lounge.  Jonathan Baker, already a rockstar stylist at the Barber Lounge is also San Francisco's up and coming fashion hero - AND WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SEND HIM TO NEW YORK FASHION WEEK IN SEPTEMBER!!! The Barber Lounge will be hosting a party that evening highlighting several San Francisco designers and a special music performance by Rachel Silva.

Come for the fashions and help Jonathan get to NYC

Fashion Aid, August 14, 7-10pm. Help us send Jonathon David Baker to NY fashion week

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally a Home

We finally got our offer accepted on Friday for the forcosure we've been trying to buy. It's a bit of a fixer-upper but in Baltimore this can be pretty affordable. Total cost after remodeling should be under $180,000.

We start the really fun process of inspections and crap this week. So we'll see if there's a hole to Hell in the basement that might kill this whole deal. If not we have to build a huge list of all the stuff we need to do and find contractors ... basically a huge project is starting. We'll be able to move in around Thanksgiving. THANKS!

I guess I'm happy. I keep muttering the word "finally" over and over in my mind. Now I can FINALLY unpack from my move over two years ago! Now I can finally have the space to work on Art. Now I can finally start my culinary experiments (starting with beer making and then onto the wood burning outdoor oven). Now I can finally have my own yard to garden in - city farm coming soon!  Now I can finally collect things, anything I want, and have somewhere to put it. I can finally have lots of guests. Finally I'll be able to practice yoga or practice anything away from prying eyes. I will finally get to see my entire wardrobe at a glance for the first time in memory. I will finally get a good nights sleep.