Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad Experience With Adobe Products

If anybody reading this wants to recommend an alternative to Photoshop & Dreamweaver, I'm listening....

I don't know how else to try to communicate to Adobe that their products are messed up and I'm starting to think about dropping Creative Suite. Their customer support is nonexistent and frankly it's impossible to log bugs through their site because they make you do so much work to log those bugs. I have about two dozen different bugs and complaints about various Adobe Creative suite applications, it would take me all day to break out each individual complaint into the neat little categories for the Adobe site. And I have to agree to terms and conditions to log a bug about their products? Its retarded. I normally get PAID to report bugs with software so this is just insulting to me.

Today I go another email from Adobe asking me to participate in another survey (the 3rd since I bought CS4 last year). The survey is BROKEN.

All I want is for Adobe to stop wasting my time. If they are going to take my money, they mine as well deliver software that works. Hanging and crashing should not be a normal operating mode.

I shouldn't have to tell people at Adobe how to design & create software, they ought to know how to do that. Asking their customers to complete web surveys (several of them) just shows that they are unclear. We all know web surveys are nothing more than expensive executive appeasement. It's frustrating to depend on a software company who doesn't even know the best way to support their products.

Finally, here it is, 10 months after my purchase & I still have not received my 2 free copies of Layers magazine as promised. I am annoyed.

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