Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How is That a Sport?

Every four years a phrase is uttered from living rooms and bars across the USA. It's the Olympics, and along with the spectacle and grandeur are few questions about what constitutes a "real" sport. Comments like, "Where's the skill in that?" and "Look, he's got a gut" are exchanged, and of course, "How is that a sport?"

Here are the most questionable sports, from a broad panel of Baltimoreans:
- Badminton? Hello! Tennis people.
- Synchronized diving? Isn't just "diving" enough?
- Rhythmic gymnastics? What's the deal with the ribbons?
- Target shooting? You don't DO anything, you shoot a gun, how is that a sport?
- Beach Volleyball? In those bikinis? This just can't be taken seriously.

I myself am not a sports fanatic. I'm just happy to be entertained by the great big show that is the Olympics. Leave a comment about the Olympic sports you find questionable!

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