Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Forcing Inspiration

It's been a few weeks since I've written anything in my blog and so I've decided to force some inspiration. I do this for work all the time right? I sit down and design internet detritus for random clients, every day, so why can't I just force inspiration on myself?

"Force" is a bit harsh, I should use "process"... let's go.

Researching "inspiration" on Google uncovers:
- Way too many utterly useless search marketing pages
- Christian references
- Women's fitness
- "Forgiveness"
- Inspiring Quotes
- A couple of blogs (I like )

A couple clicks and I get to the wikipedia post on Artistic Inspiration. All this is very interesting, but I'm not waiting for divine truth to compel me.

Isn't the entire internet, potentially, a source of inspiration? But there's something intrinsically wrong here trying to find inspiration online. I'm staring at a screen, but it's sunny outside. Plus I'm overwhelmed by hundreds and hundreds of useless websites set up only for the purpose of hosting ads. I go off line...

(a day later)
After wandering around the neighborhood and asking myself "What is inspiring?" Seeing things which capture my attention and thinking, "What is the essence of this inspiring feeling?" Here's what I discovered:

The weather - Because the sunshine, warmth and greenery feels good.
A cafe - Because of the friendly vibe and the comfortable decor feels good.
Music - Because it makes me feel good.
People - All our neighbors are friendly, nice, and interesting.
Animals - Why is cuteness inspiring? It just is.
Beautiful things - I think beautiful artwork & homes are very inspiring...

It's clear that actual Experience is inspiring. Life. I'm sure everybody finds different things inspiring but somehow I don't think anybody really thinks their iphone, the internet, or anything on a screenis inspiring. Like the difference in feeling when watching a game on TV versus seeing it live. But this is just me. I wonder what inspires other people, and how they translate that inspiration into their lives.

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