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Takashi Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum

Blog confessional #1 I don't like anime, I don't like manga. This is very uncool, I know, but there's something about these genres which is just annoying. Perhaps it's the bad writing, the usually offensive depiction of female characters, or maybe I've never seen any good ani-manga.

Photo by Collin David, originally posted on

Confession #2, it was the Louis Vuitton that got me into the Brooklyn Museum to see the Murakami show. Takashi Murakami had collaborated with the LV to create some fabulous limited edition bags and accessories which I needed to see! So off I went. Once I was there I found the actual show to be exceptional and full of surprises. Sure I liked all the stylistically cute characters, of course I loved all the candy like colors... you can never go wrong with pink and purple on platinum. I was surprised at how sophisticated and grown up a lot of the work is. I'm not so sure you want to bring your kids to this one unless you want to answer a few embarrassing questions. The show is very provocative, x rated in parts. It's grown-up manga exploding, transformed.

If you're in New York city I highly recommended seeing Takashi Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum before the show ends on July 13th.


  1. Hey there!

    It would be great if you could link back to, as I took that Murakami photo and would like proper credit. Thanks!

    C David

  2. Thanks Collin. Let me know if this credit is ok. I really like your review of the Murakami show.

  3. Funny I too was at this exhibit in Brooklyn (now 5 miles from where I call home) and was left with the desire to selflessly serve the one true mistress of anime.... Hello Kitty. There was something about the Murakami that did nothing for my appetite beyond craving a soft serve vanilla ice cream cone and luckily for me, Mr. Softee (no pun intended) was parked out front as to quell my fears of divine intervention=the tooth fairy. Perhaps you remember the S.F referee who was so easily distracted yet unable to get your soulattention. Your name popped into my brain this morning and was happily amused yo find you seem as interestingly disenchanted as ever. Funny the path of the wayward synapse. No harm, no foul or perhaps simply... "No Goal!"

  4. Ironicaly I too went to the Brooklyn Mirakami exhibit and it left me unsatiated and longing for the one true female anime mistress of true desire...Hello Kitty, of course. I will say Murakami did stir my hankering for a soft serve vanilla experience and was at afforded the opportunity to succumb albeit through a monetary exchange to one, Mr.Softee (oh those terrible puns). For whatever reason your name popped into my head this morning and I was amused to see that you are still so beautifully disaffected. Perhaps the S.F referee who was so easily distracted yet unable to hold your attention either could spread a smile across your lips just knowing that even misconnections can carry some weight. Home is now less than 5 miles from The Brooklyn Museum and you too seem to have been lured back to the stimulus of the East (coast). Just saying hello, no harm, no foul, or perhaps more reflective..."no goal!"

  5. Well definitely not looking to pull a "swingers" 15 consecutive phone calls but didn't think my first message went through due to logging in after the fact but ai believe now you got to versions of the original sentiment which simply will give you a peek behind the curtain of my creative process. Hope you are well Steph and really had no intention of torturing you from afar. LOVED your affinity for cultural insights regarding bacon culture and if your ever in town, I know of a great scrapple tapas joint. That's all from me today unless your stomach growls for more. marc


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