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A GOOD Online Survey from Best Western

Yesterday when I got the email from Adobe asking me to participate in their survey, I also got an email survey from Best Western. Not only did the survey from Best Western actually work, but the manager from the hotel I recently stayed at emailed me directly to follow-up. This is how an online survey should work! The hotel manager thanked me for submitting the survey and she reassured me that they read and appreciate my comments. I wish Adobe would get a clue that the internet is best for two or three-way CONVERSATIONS, and not one-way talk which creates the illusion of caring but doesn't actually do anything.

Bad Experience With Adobe Products

If anybody reading this wants to recommend an alternative to Photoshop & Dreamweaver, I'm listening.... I don't know how else to try to communicate to Adobe that their products are messed up and I'm starting to think about dropping Creative Suite. Their customer support is nonexistent and frankly it's impossible to log bugs through their site because they make you do so much work to log those bugs. I have about two dozen different bugs and complaints about various Adobe Creative suite applications, it would take me all day to break out each individual complaint into the neat little categories for the Adobe site. And I have to agree to terms and conditions to log a bug about their products? Its retarded. I normally get PAID to report bugs with software so this is just insulting to me. Today I go another email from Adobe asking me to participate in another survey (the 3rd since I bought CS4 last year). The survey is BROKEN. All I want is for Adobe to stop wasting my t

A New Updated

Wow, how difficult is it to update one's own portfolio? That only took about um... a year! Well I launched something, and it's not even done! At least some of my more interesting and newest projects are now represented in my portfolio. Projects like Veggie Trader , Path 101 , & Alaska Urological . Samples for older work, like Massify and Bounty Jobs are still available for anybody wanting to see more IA and interaction design, but you have to ask to see this work. In the next couple of weeks I'll be fleshing out Studioroom and adding more details to the portfolio and to my process. Since Studioroom does different types of design work there's more than one process. Right now we're emphasizing the User Experience Design process which is for software products more than for simple websites. If you or your organization is trying to design a web application and are strugging with the User Experience Design, please contact me . My UX process is illustrated below, and

Call me an elitist snob but I just don't want to hear your whining about food in 20 years

I had more than a good laugh at this insightful LA Times editorial Keep your self-righteous fingers off my processed food -- . I guess I am an elitist food snob. Charlotte Allen does have a very good point about artisinal products being too expensive. I definitely do not want people's food to become more expensive. I simply want the federal government to stop subsidizing the same crops that are contributing to the obesity epidemic (among other things) in this country. Here are my thoughts as a product designer... It's great that we have a lot of affordable products to choose from. The problem with too many cheap goods is that there are just too many of them and it's spreading this culture of cheapness. Living life cheaply, especially if you don't have a choice about it, is sad and demeaning and worst of all, it's infectious. You would never want to be hired by somebody just because your cheap? So why is it OK for China to exploit their population for che