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Alaska is a Frontier

I used to think that frontiers didn't exist anymore. That man had gone and tamed every place, everywhere. Especially in the United States, but I was wrong. Here are some important facts about modern frontier life: 1. People have the Internet but it's slow and just not that important. 2. Being successful means you have heat & electricity in your home all year round. 3. Dogs are home security - ski pulling - bed warming - friends. 4. You fish for FOOD, not fish for photos. 5. Alaska time is "whenever" time. Mother nature is in control of your time more than anyone or anything. 6. Being affluent means you have a lot of high powered rifles and gas guzzling trucks. 7. There really are a lot more men than women. 8. Fresh vegetables are imported. 9. Personal freedom is sung about in bars, more than talked about. 10. Most people are Republicans, but in Talkeetna they are Democrats.

Frida Kahlo

I think the Fida Kahlo show was the best major Art exhibit I have ever seen . Better than Murakami or even better than her contemporary Salvadore Dali. Although I knew a lot about Kahlo, I had seen the movie, and studied some of her work in school, for some reason I had never actually seen any of her paintings in person. I'd seen her husband's stuff (Diego Rivera) but not hers. What surprised me most about seeing her paintings was the strong emotional response I had to her work. Most of the artwork, I realized, were stories without words. Deeply personal and touching. As with all art, a reproduction will never show the quality you'll see (or feel) if you look at it with your own eyes. If you missed this show in Philadelphia then it would actually be worth the trip to San Francisco to check it out. Frida Kahlo at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Through September 28th 2008. Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird (Autorretrato con collar de esp

Greetings from Where the Sun Doesn't Set

I'm traveling now through the end of July in Alaska. Here's the first batch of photos from the wilderness. The Denali Excursion Denali Excursion In and around Talkeetna, AK Alaska Independen ce If you're in Alaska this July come visit me! Enjoy!