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Showing posts from February, 2008

The Future of Interaction Design - What if MySpace was a 3D Space?

I have just seen the future of interaction design and here it is: Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote This presentation shows quite simply how a flat 2D screen can be transformed into a window into a 3D world. Although this demo is based on the Wii and it's unique controllers, you can see how this technology can be adapted for broader use. Watch this video, then imagine all the ways that this interface can be used. E commerce? Someday I will be able to shop for shoes in 3D! Social Networks? What if Hot or Not was in 3D? or Oh the possibilities!

I Love The New

I am pleased to announce the all new for 2008 . This was a cool little redesign project I got to work on around Christmas. Like is a shopping search engine, which previously did not have a design targeted to it's intended audience, all us women! Now it does. It was a pleasure to work with Pedro Sostre , Like's Creative Director. We managed to come up with a new design that is fresh while still on target, and not a total web 2.0 cliche. The new brand developed easily translates into a great, functional, web UI with no rounded corners, reflections, or gradient over-use. Check out the purple star!

IT'S ALIVE! - - A new Social Network for Movie Makers

Do you like making movies? Are you always playing with your video camera? Are you an actor, writer, or director? Are you an artist, musician, or fan of one? Heck, do you just want to do the HAIR for people in films? Well then, I have a new social network for you! I'm very pleased to announce the launch of, a new social network for people in movie and film production. I was just a small part of a larger team working on this new website project. I was wonderful to be able to contribute some Information Architecture and UX design work for this exciting start-up in New York City.