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Undecided About The 2008 California Primary Election

I must admit that I am undecided about tomorrows Primary election. I spent the whole weekend trying to stay warm and absorb as much political propaganda as I could stand, without loosing all sanity. One moment, I find myself leaning towards Hillary. Then, I think perhaps Barack is better. All I care about is that whatever Democrat is nominated, they must be able to beat the Republican candidate. Will Hillary be able to win over John McCain? Can Obama? Anyway, I'm blogging about this because I want YOU to help me make up my mind. Barack vs. Hillary Pros and Cons Hillary Clinton Pro: She's a Clinton. Con: She's a Clinton. Pro: She can get stuff done "from day one". Con: Yeah but is she really looking out for the interests of the people? Or is she already in the pockets of the corporations? Pro: She's a woman. Con: She might not beat John McCain because she's a woman. Barack Obama Pro: Fresh meat. Con: Too fresh? Is Barack just too young and inexperienc

SFMOMA Shows: Jeff Wall, Olafur Eliasson, Gabriele Basilico

Tired of being stuck inside by the weather, I went to go check out some art, and was pleasantly surprised. I actually like some of the shows at the San Francisco MOMA right now. Not to be missed! Take your time: Olafur Eliasson One room makes you sleepy, and one room makes you small, and the room next to the elevators has absolutely no color at all... Read the SFMOMA write up , or just go see it yourself. - - - Gabriele Basilico Wonderful photography of San Francisco & Silicon valley. It's interesting how Basilico captured such 'classical' looking photos out of such a modern place. SFMOMA says: This exhibition presents a series of nearly 50 black-and-white and color photographs taken by Basilico at the invitation of SFMOMA during a monthlong residency in the Bay Area last summer. Chronicling the impact of the technology boom on the region, this exhibition will be the first of an ongoing project focused on Silicon Valley, in which artists will document the area on fil


Hello! This post is to let everybody know that I am in the process of updating my website, . I will be posting a new and improved up to date portfolio within the next two weeks. I hope to get this done before February 3rd. In the mean time, I'm going to continue to blog right here in Informational Geometry. Look for more humorous observations about life, and Steph's take on the California Primaries. Thanks.

Getting Out of Jury Duty

Suddenly I remembered the one and only reason for not registering to vote when I received my latest jury summons for the San Francisco court. I hate jury duty. It's not that I'm an anarchist or that I dont like looking at men in uniform. I simply cannot afford to do it, one doesn't get paid for their service to the court*. The night before I tried to find creative ways to try to get myself out of jury duty. Like printing a huge penis on a t-shirt to wear to the court. I suspected this might not work the way I wanted, so instead I picked out my "I'm a woman and I vote" t-shirt, and wore that instead. Hey, an opinionated woman is a scary thing to a lot of people, even... especially in San Francisco. 10:30 am: There I was at 10:30am reporting for duty in room 307 of the Hall of Justice. They took names. I felt like a child. Damn why couldn't my last name start with the letter A? 10:45 am: And now for the video. How delightful, California sponsored bullshit

Oh God! Lyrica vs. Ecstasy

Here are a few fascinating news items which caught my attention this week and I wanted to share. Guess which drug is illegal? One deadens nerves, barely works, has foul side effects. The other helps you feel God By Mark Morford , SF Gate Columnist Friday, January 18, 2008 As reported by the Washington Post and the Guardian, as far as PTSD alone is concerned, some docs already see MDMA as potentially life-saving, a true wonder drug, which might even be administered to all our traumatized U.S. soldiers. Which could be good news indeed, given how an estimated 24 million Americans suffer from PTSD, whereas only a fraction of that number claim to have fibromyalgia. - - - Um... how fucking broken and downright unfair is the entire banking system? Baltimore Finds Subprime Crisis Snags Women By JOHN LELAND Published: January 15, 2008 ... Though women and men have roughly the same credit scores, the Consumer Federation of America found that women were 32 percent more likely to receive subprim

YouTube Interview Homework

A friend suggested I post the doc of my 'homework' from my recent interviews. Why not? Below is a google doc, cut and pasted into Blogger. What would I do as Community UI Designer. Find 3 things on YouTube that I dont like for me as a user, what changes would I make (to fix those things I dont like). Watching/Sharing Videos Although comments & response are very entertaining it's annoying to see stupid or inappropriate comments. Being able to sort comments via "Show Comments" pulldown is useful, but I want YouTube to be intelligent and do some of that work for me. Suggestions: - Adding friends is difficult to discover as it is buried in the sharing functionality. That whole interaction needs to be elevated. - Change "Comments and Responses" header to "Conversations" or . And show user's online status (if appropriate) within the "Conversation" area. Consider incorporating user thumbnails next to comments. - Showing user's

Happy 2008

I was ready for the new year about a month ago. Not that 2007 didn't have it's wonderful moments, but I seem to have wasted too much time in 2007 doing a lot of useless crap, like using social networks. So I thought it was funny when at a party on new years I overheard a lady who works for Facebook talking about her job, "Because I sell Facebook apps I'm always installing them. Then as soon as I realize how lame they are I quickly remove them." Ha ha ha. So big changes are afoot. The results from my poll are in and art/culture is the winner. Horay! Look for changes to this blog and over the next couple of weeks.