Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fabulous Custom Website for A Fabulous Custom Home Builder

We're proud to announce another logo, website and collateral materials for a local custom home builder, Bement & Sons Construction, INC.

Marty, our client,  makes some of the most amazing custom homes I have ever seen. A beautiful fusion of Old World European design and modern construction.  Evey detail has been thought about, from the accents, the systems and the location of his homes. The end result is  a beautiful and luxurious home. If you're looking for dream home or considering having a custom home built in Maryland, you ought to check out today.


  1. I think, the concept has always been used before as well.. But name was not there...Custom Web Development

  2. These days it's quite easy to go out, use a pre-designed template, and throw up a website. Google, Wix, Godaddy, Wordpress, Drupal, Squarespace... Templates can be a good way to launch a website especially IF you have no money, or you have a hard time communicating your idea to somebody. But if you're serious about doing business on the web get a grown-up website.