Thursday, June 9, 2011

Living Out Loud Online

This week I finally took the plunge into the deep end of Social Media. I'm designing an iPhone App for a client and up until last weekend I had been an avowed hater of Foursquare, and a bit of a  Facebook cynic. What is the point of Foursquare to an independent person like me? Up until last week all of these social applications loomed in my mind as "un-billable work", just more ceaseless internet research, both are pretty much the same. But it all came to a head last week since, obviously, I can't design a social app unless I know all about how user's interact with them. So my client got me a beautiful new white iPhone (Thanks!) and assigned me a lot of homework. (note: this is how to treat a designer!) 5 days into this social media thing, I am proud to announce my mayorship of Studioroom, and I'm really enjoying Jamie Oliver's photos via Instagram. Foodspotting is alluding me  (I'm just not in the right city to take good food photos). GetGlue - I don't think I "get" why this is fun.

So has my world changed now that I'm living my life online? Do I feel special? Empowered? Enlightened? Um, no. I'll get back to you at the end of the summer with an update on how all this is going, hopefully this will open up something for me. In the mean time I'm just glad to promote myself as an App designer.

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  1. So finally Hows your App working..What are its features?
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