Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Doesn't everybody like to eat? Aren't we already talking about the meals we make and enjoy? And who doesn't like food porn?  I am very pleased to announce the launch - a new social website where people can save any recipe to a magic recipe box in the cloud.

You know you would rather browse this site
than stare at your email! 

I have never in my life worked on a web project which has been this much fun, or came together this easily. I'd like to take credit for the ease at which this product was designed, but the vision belongs to my client Phil Michaelson.  Phil put a lot of research, time and testing into his first web business, and had struck upon a genius plan for Finally a way for millions of people to share what they are already doing every day, their dinner...or lunch... or desert!

KeepRecipes is launching with a charity event - KeepRecipes for Recovery - Get a special Japanese inspired digital cookbook with a just a $10 donation to support recovery efforts in Japan. Not only did I get to design an awesome website, I get to be a part of this unique charity effort and a first-of-it's-kind launch! I'm even more excited that some real star power contributed to this charity launch, names like; Masaharu Morimoto,  Mark Bittman, Mayumi Nishimura, Anita Lo,
Marc Spitzer,  Kenji Lopez-Alt!  (my friend and client) Eric Gower, and Amanda Hesser & Merrill Stubbs! The only thing I'm wondering about is will I need to rename my blog, Food Overload?

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