Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Logo & Web Solutions For The Low Tech World of Massage

Studioroom is pleased to announce the launch of an all new website, with all new branding for The San Francisco School of Massage. At first this project was daunting, trying to create a new logo for a venerated massage school. The world of massage makes me think of crystals, lavender and "new age" music. Most of what we see that is massage related are spa brochures and websites showing some woman relaxing in a peaceful setting. None of these things honestly depict a massage school.

The task: Create a logo for a massage school that alludes to human anatomy without being too literal.  

Logo design is an iterative process. So I started out with an exhaustive typeface search, then explored ideas for artwork.
Through the process, clients and designer alike explore many logo variations and can determine what design works for the client's business...

...Winding up with a final logo design, and then translating that design into a website  - it's one of Studioroom's specialties! 

Now for some shameless self promotion. Unlike a typical branding agency or graphic design service, we emphasize website best practices as much as possible. We never propose ideas that won't work well online. We never recommend tricks which might look flashy, just to impress a client. All of our sites are always search engine optimized and viewable on most platforms including old browsers and mobile devices. The true test of how well a brand works is directly related to the media supporting the brand. 

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