Thursday, November 12, 2009

Font Freedom - Typekit A Simple Type Solution for Websites

At first, when I heard about Typekit I was skeptical. I've practically made a career around being able to "optimize" text for the web. Now I can unlearn all of the technical, CSS rules I've been compelled to follow for over a decade! Now I have more freedom to focus on design! is one of these web based tools which is very simple and very useful for every designer. I just signed up for an account, and got a snippet of code which I can add to my web pages (I added the code to my blogger template).

Typekit works with your HTML & CSS. The service simplifies a coding technique which has already been around for years but probably isn't really accessible to graphic designers (because let's face it, what programmer is ever going to think about more than 4 fonts?). Best of all, it's reasonably priced starting at $25/year for 10GB of bandwidth (which should be plenty). In contrast, Adobe sells an enterprise level solution which is completely too expensive for small design studios.

I'm still trying this out & I'll post examples when I have them. My biggest criticism with typekit so far is that it's easier to try out fonts in CODE than in the design process - which is kind of a time suck if you prefer to vet out a design in Photoshop.

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  1. ... a few weeks later... I love how well typekit works with blogs. It is *such* an easy way to dress up text.

    I don't love how it's impossible to mock anything up in photoshop. Perhaps a typekit plugin for PSD?... could generate revenue.