Monday, October 5, 2009

How Are You Doing? Looking at Your Data

I can tell how your website is doing. I can tell if this past year has been good for your site, or bad. Don't be offended, this info is freely available online. I'm talking about Alexa. With a little bit of analysis, I could make recommendations for fixing your site, or improving your web products, so that your business connects with more people and does better. vs. Cute
Compare the past month of Alexa data for the blog Cute Overload with the professional networking site*. What's interesting is Cute Overload is managed primarily by a single individual (a Designer) with a separate full time job. Massify is a small company and run by a team of professionals. Cute Overload had very little start-up costs and has very little overhead. Massify had a lot more start-up costs, and maintains much more overhead, more than a blog like Cute Overload. Still, Cute Overload is growing, and Massify is not.


So what's going on here? Could it be that a simple blog is the way to go with a web business, something which can easily be maintained by an army of one? There could be a lot of explanations for the lower performing site... They could be suffering from; A fundamentally poor idea, over-complication, poor planning & implementation, poor customer support, or perhaps no clear design strategy. The good news is there is HOPE. Change is good and websites are good at reinventing themselves.

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