Friday, July 18, 2008

Alaska is a Frontier

I used to think that frontiers didn't exist anymore. That man had gone and tamed every place, everywhere. Especially in the United States, but I was wrong.

Here are some important facts about modern frontier life:
1. People have the Internet but it's slow and just not that important.
2. Being successful means you have heat & electricity in your home all year round.
3. Dogs are home security - ski pulling - bed warming - friends.
4. You fish for FOOD, not fish for photos.
5. Alaska time is "whenever" time. Mother nature is in control of your time more than anyone or anything.
6. Being affluent means you have a lot of high powered rifles and gas guzzling trucks.
7. There really are a lot more men than women.
8. Fresh vegetables are imported.
9. Personal freedom is sung about in bars, more than talked about.
10. Most people are Republicans, but in Talkeetna they are Democrats.

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