Monday, February 26, 2007

The Google Interview

Steph's Secret is out! On Friday I had my in person interview for a Lead User Experience Designer position at Google. Wow what an experience that was and I hope I made a decent impression on the people there.

The whole interviewing process began around the holidays and is still going on. A lot of people have been inquiring about what I'm up to and now everybody knows why I've been so 'unavailable'. I sure hope I haven't put anybody off and all my hard work will pay off soon...

Thinking about Google
Starting last December I set out to reorganize my portfolio, read up on process, and research Internet trends in anticipation of talking to Google. After a short phone screen in mid January they granted me the golden ticket for an in person interview.

Getting Closer...
On Friday I went down to Mountain View to the fabled Googleplex. My day began at 8:45 and yes it was one of those all day, tag team style interviews that still makes me anxious just thinking about it. Oy the stress! I think it went well but it's hard to tell since they try to shoot holes in your presentation/methodology/ego while your there. But you have to try, and try I did! Talking my ass of for six hours strait, & trying to sound smart the whole time. I met with three women & two men in the User Experience Group. Sometimes I showed my portfolio, sometimes they had me do design exercises, sometimes we just talked. A couple of the exercises were pretty difficult.

The Plex
Google seemed cool but they really didn't show me around that much. The 'plex' is very modern like someplace out of Metropolis Magazine. One thing I noticed was that most of the Googlers are very young. As if they were ripped right out of college and plopped into this technological utopia. Everyone spoke highly about the perks of working there. The cafeteria(s) were indeed fabulous but I was too nervous to really eat lunch :(

I have no idea if I did well. One moment I think positively about some of the day. Then I worry if my portfolio, with a heavy amount of Visual Design, might have put people off. I worry that much of my portfolio, including my music related work might not be relevant for Google.

In a week or two I will find out how I did.

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