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Managing to JIRA is Not Agile

How do you know if your JIRA/Agile project has a problem?You are constantly talking about “improving the process”There’s a blurry line between design and development indicating design is not being managed Work is getting done for the ticket, and not for the projectBurn down rates are more important than deliverablesPeople are working slower, not fasterJIRA drives the project management instead of actual planning JIRA Confuses the Design Process For years I’ve participated in a very diverse set of projects with even more diverse teams and working styles. Only two things have remained consistent throughout, the Agile development process and JIRA. All projects have been, or tried to be, Agile. Most projects use JIRA, a web-based project management and tracking tool made by Atlasssian Software.  Here’s the thing, ALL the projects heavily invested in the use of JIRA have been bad. And those few projects that have not relied on JIRA software, have been great.

As a Designer I want to create…