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Goodbye Self Employement, Goodbye Info Overload

For the past 6 years I've been a self employed designer. I've been contracting for tech start-ups and small businesses. Afraid to turn down any work in a recession, I even turned to social media marketing. But then a funny thing happend over the holidays. The clouds parted, the sun shone down, and a sea of bullshit parted. A good friend referred me to a good recruiter for a good job at a good company with smart, friendly people. All the stars were in alignment. I took the offer. 

It dawned on me as soon as I took the offer how much easier my life will get. All of a sudden I don't have to "eat the dogfood" and be on Facebook all of the time anymore. All of a sudden I can cancel about 50 email newsletters I was subscribed to just so I could be "on top of things" from home. I no longer have to care what the tech pundits say (because I'm not selling web design services to anybody anymore). I don't have to use foursquare, I don't need to c…