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Please Read: An Email From Alaska About The Presidential Elections

Never in my lifetime has the presidential election been so exciting and never has the internet played such a huge role in disseminating information. From posts on Facebook, websites to rally around, and good old email, everything you need and want to know about is online.

How many emails have you received from friends and coworkers sharing their thoughts about this election? I've got quite a few!

Here I'm posting an email from an Alaskan named Elwood. Because of Palin I'm particularly interested in hearing the Alaskan opinions. I really liked what he wrote and want to share his email on my blog.

- - -

I know it is virtually impossible to change ones political attachments, but for those who have not made up their minds on the coming presidential election, I submit the following. I decided to write my feelings and concerns rather than forwarding the work of others.

Sincerely, Elwood

The 2008 Election - Personal Reflections

I have never been that interested in politics and classify…

I Left My Heart in San Francisco - Strait People for Equality - No on 8

The last time I checked, the world needs more love, not more hate. I cannot think of anything more hateful than pointing a finger in a group of human being's faces and telling them that they are evil.

I find this christian hate video to be completely laughable. Don't you people have better things to do with your time? Can't you go help some homeless people or drug addicts? Or do you just like to feel righteous and spread hate?

I myself am a married strait woman. I see the real legal inequality for same sex couples every year when I do my taxes. A marriage immigration visa allows my British husband to actually be here with me, and would never be granted to same sex couples. In my mind, this unfairness in our laws actually diminishes my marriage. I don't feel special, or sacred just because I'm strait. I just feel hurt for my friends in San Francisco.

Baltimore Open Studios 2008

I was really inspired with last weekend's Baltimore open studios. It's great to be in a city where I can meet such interesting, warm, and talented individuals. It was also interesting to compare San Francisco open studios to Baltimore's. Overall there were a lot less artists participating, but the caliber of the work in Baltimore is impressive. Artists here seem a bit more comfortable being themselves, which comes through when you speak to them. Everybody was really friendly and very open.

This is my favorite piece,

Imaginary Security by Dave Foust

Just A Rant About A Sequoia Falling

Are web companies reacting stupidly to the credit crunch? Already I've been hearing rumors from my internet friends about how start-ups are reacting to VC tightening.

Venture capital slashed $476 million in quarter
Deborah Gage, Chronicle Staff Writer

People are saying, time to cut the designers. Why? Why cut the people who can help you plan? Help you strategize? Who help you measure and gauge the success of your website? Why cut the people who are the most obvious and direct connection to your customers?

Let me just say to every User Experience professional... this is BS, and you should not believe it.

If any business is going to succeed then they will do so by practicing good experience. They will succeed with thoughtful planning and strategy. By giving users carefully designed products that they really want.

If anything this economic downturn will be a great time for innovation. It might empower more designers to rise up and do more meaningful work.

Times are Bad but Times are Good!

I don't really know what's going on with this economic meltdown but just posting to say that times are good! I've been busy and have set up my freelance work so that I'm pretty unaffected by the market and all this economical BS. I do think things will be rocky for web designers over the next 6 months. I'm really glad I slashed my overhead. If things slow down for me I will finally have some time to redesign my website, learn some new skills, and ask everybody I know to read Deep Economy. Hopefully I'll be able to afford Creative Suite 4.

Anyway, I can't really post anything to my blog right now for several reasons. Most of my life is under NDA, and the only interesting thing I have to rant about are the elections. Since I have clients in Alaska I have to be a blog diplomat so I'll keep my political & philisophical rants to FB.

If you're a web designer post a comment about your approach to this downturn!