Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why is it OK for Men to be Critical, but not Women?

Let it be known that this blog here is just a social media sandbox. This blog is NOT to be taken seriously, I am not to be taken that seriously... seriously.  Well not until I redesign my whole website and stuff which will happen eventually, hopefully pretty soon.

I just got a call from my brother, the cop. He was complaining about this site saying how I'm too negative and I complain too much. How many times have I told him my blog is just a kind of test? He was saying how they were going to hire some guy and then they looked him up online and he was tweeting all this negative, derogatory stuff and they didn't hire him. Am I derogatory? Probably only to the Republican and Tea "parties", maybe also to technology recruiters who we all know I don't think highly of.  I had to remind my brother that I am a User Experience Designer, and a Creative Director, and that it's kinda my job to criticize the world. But why do I need to remind people of this? I mean seriously, I've been doing this, successfully, for 18 years. I mean, does being all sunshine & light and falsely positive actually make me a better designer? Or get me more respect from people? At least keeping a blog is a form of creative therapy for my goth alter-ego. And I am learning a bit about Social Media and online marketing while I'm at it.

I think it's sexism. How come if I criticize something I'm called, "unreasonable" or "way off"? Yet I read other people's blogs all the time and they blow a lot harder than I do, and nobody is telling these people they ought to lighten up? The only thing I notice is that guys complaining is interpreted as a manly debate, but women complaining is interpreted as bitchiness. Guys like, no they expect other guys to be blowhards. They encourage it amongst their ranks. Women, I think value more thoughtful and critical open discussions.

My previous post, about Trying Communications, is a bit of a rant. I think it's funny and so do my girlfriends. I am trying to communicate some of my frustration with technology. A frustration that most other people feel but put up with because they don't really know how to talk about or address it. I guess it's just not funny enough for my brother. But my blog IS interactive and anybody can leave a comment and discuss.

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