Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey Confidential - I am Homeless but Thankful

Full mea culpa - I am homeless. That's right, I am a homeless graphic and interface designer.  I bet millions of other Americans are thinking, "How did this happen to me?" but I don't feel too bad about it because I have a lot to be grateful for. Like my four personal computers. I may be homeless but I have plenty of work! No time to be sad, got some feeds to read and emails to check! At least I have a lot of friends online...

I am listening to NPR. They are talking about car accidents, death and paralysis. I feel good! But kind of afraid to walk across the street. I sit in front of one of my computers - listening to other people sharing sadness. After a few minutes of sadness I need a break. I log into facebook seeking happiness... Nicole says she's in her Studio. Karmina is going on a holiday. Helen is posting more baby photos. I wish I had a studio, or could go on a holiday... I am glad I'm not posting baby photos though because where would my baby sleep? I change my status to something funny like "Where did the year go?!" It worked, I didn't notice the last 10 minutes of death talk on NPR.

There is another email from another recruiter sitting in my inbox. It's for a job which I already had in the past. This job is paying $30,000.00 LESS than what they paid me four years ago. I am grateful I don't work at AOL. I am thankful I work for myself now. I am thankful I don't have a long commute. I am grateful for all my amazing clients who let me run free, the awesome incredible people who don't mind that I am homeless or even that they can't look over my shoulder every moment of the day (that's YOU Josh, Eric and Gary!). I continue to stare at my computer looking for answers to life.

NPR says Ireland is broke and needs to be bailed out. Where are your leprechauns now?! I have my own bail-outs too, which I am grateful for. Turkey prices are up this year and my dad (the ultimate hero) is buying the bird, doing all the work. My sister Fran will be there too, she's my bail-out, we live at her house. I would be a crack whore right now if it wasn't for Fran.

After a round of Turkey promos on NPR - the Mid Day show starts, the topics are Cancer and Nuclear Proliferation. How messed up is the medical system? Legal, ethical issues. Too many tests. Infective treatments.  I am grateful I don't have cancer. I am thankful my dad doesn't have cancer too. I am grateful for things like flax seed, and nutrition.

The news. Armageddon is eminent. North Korea is expanding it's nuclear arsenal.  I am finding myself grateful for all the things I DON'T have... I am homeless, I can not be forclosed on. I am not sick. I am not sad. I can't complain about work because I work for myself.  It's all kinda working in a strange way.

But I am ... TIRED... because I need control over how I sleep. I'm grateful for my friends putting up with my tired ass. PEOPLE, the most important thing that anybody could have. If I didn't have you people in my life, I would have nothing. Work would be utterly boring and devoid of meaning. No home or castle would be worth a life without friends. So, it is because of you my friends that I have a castle on a cloud and I am very, very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

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