Monday, June 7, 2010

Do Not Buy the Gulf Oil Spill

Hi my name is Stephanie, and I'm a designer. I don't know anything about oil, or oil wells, and I don't know anything about politics really... but I do know how to solve problems.

This Gulf Oil Leak - the Great Leak - is depressing me. I keep saying to myself, "This should never have happened in the first place." In my world, the design world, you simply don't create anything that does not work. In my world, everything gets tested, and vetted, and discussed until everybody is sick of talking about it but they know for certain that it works. In my world, if some business type comes up with a scheme to get rich, but it's a bad or ill-conceived idea then then we (ethical) designers shut them down. Somehow when our love affair with oil started  back in the 50s nobody really thought this through. Nobody said, "How is this total commitment to oil going to play out 50 years from now?" Well, I'm certain there were business people thinking it through but was there anybody who was thinking this through for us? For the millions of real people who have to deal with the consequences of these decisions? Nobody asked me if I wanted to grow up in a world encased in asphalt. Nobody consulted me to ask if I'd wanted traffic, commuting, noise pollution, air pollution, and congestion. Nearly all of my food comes from the west coast, which takes gallons of gas to get here, and I literally have zero choice over this. Thanks world!

There are things I'm doing to combat my sadness over the Great Leak. It can be summarized as my own personal oil boycott. I'm not driving at all, I'm walking or biking. All travel is cut. I'm gardening more. I'm buying local as much as possible but better yet I'm trying not to buy anything at all. Most important I'm TALKING about how I'm not spending money or wasting time with oil. The more I go down this road, the green, thrifty, do-it-yourself road, the better I feel.

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