Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Google Christmas Illustration is Sexist

Way to go Marissa Mayer. Way to perpetuate stereotypes. Thanks.


  1. Steph, I observed the Google illustration and failed to see any sexism. A Grandpa and his grandson enjoying some Xmas time together does not appear to be sexist. You should apoligize to Google, whoever they might be. What I find absolutely fascinating are your comments about men. You advertise men for sale in Alaska where "real men" live. You also liken men to shoes and say you wish you can wear them out and get a new pair. WOW! So, is a "real man" really like a woman's shoe? The sexist implications in this statement are staggering. I guess I should appreciate that a woman would want to wear me out and toss me aside. It's a shame that things like commitment and love get in the way of the shoe theory. Please don't tell me that you feel empowered by such a statement. What would mom say? Steph, as your only brother, who is obviously way wiser then you, I have to tell you to come back to reality and leave the loopy hippie liberal side. You can still be liberal but just not loopy liberal. I may plan an intervention if you are not careful and send you to Texas for rehab.

  2. Chuckles, thanks for your opinion. First of all, nothing I write about on my blog is meant to be that serious. This is indeed a sarcastic post which I will not apologize for.

    Second, Google could have done anything, ANYTHING, for their holiday illustrations and they chose to put up a cliche image. Really, this is my main point.

    Third of all, I think this is a matter of perspective. Do you live every single day constantly reminded, in one way or another, that you're a 2nd class citizen?

    What would mom say? She'd agree with me! Where do you think I got my feminist bent from?

    As for the Alaska bachelors, please refer to my first point.

    Please don't send me to Texas, they have polygamists there.

  3. Hey Steph,
    I find your comments rather funny and tongue in cheek. I posted something about gardening gloves that's up your alley. Women's gardening gloves are mainly flimsy cotton and printed with tiny flowers while men get the good, sturdy leather ones. Most women's gloves wear out quickly, get wet easily and provide little protection for gardening. I don't think men or women like getting stuck with thorns, so why the bias? There are still pockets everywhere, so keep at it!

    Ok, but I'm trying to figure out why this illustration is sexist. You have me baffled. I thought it was kind of cluttered and boring for Google. I actually felt like I was missing some point. Usually their illustrations are clever. I thought this one was a bit ugly. Is it because it's a dad or grandpa and kid playing with boy toys? I also thought it was Geppetto but little guy's nose is normal...