Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trying to Buy A New Apple LED Cinema Display With Porn

I'm starting to become annoyed with Apple as all my shopping experiences with them are tainted by simplistic marketing that never really helps to inform. Last weekend I visited the Apple store in San Francisco for the specific purpose of looking at the new LED cinema display I'm thinking about buying. This is obviously one of those things that I actually need to VIEW WORKING in REAL LIFE.

Here's my experience at the Apple store. First they only had one of the new LED displays out. I had to get an employee to point me to it out of the hundred or so old displays they had out, because it was hard to find in a crowded store (with a band playing) and a couple hundred people surfing the net like a bunch of students. Gee, I guess the LED display must not be that special. The nice salesperson led me to the display tucked away in a corner of the store already in use, by some guy actively engaged in about a dozen porn chats. Here it is, said the sales person, and quickly left me with the pervert, who didn't look up from his chats. I just stood there and watched this guys's screen trying to accomplish my task of evaluating the display. I caught phrases like, "Anal slut" and "hardcore this" and a lot of other things which I really cannot repeat in my blog. It was ridiculous. The guy at the computer there looked like a scum bag and he should have been escorted out by security, but no, nobody did anything. For christ sake, this was on the ONLY LED DISPLAY IN THE PLACE.

Honestly, I don't really care if people look at porn or what, but it is soooo not appropriate in the Apple store. If I wanted to see that shit I'd go seek it out in private. I cannot think of a better way for Apples competition to tarnish their brand than by sending malicious agents into Apple stores and take advantage of their liberal operations by bringing up porn.

Yes I was a little offended. Not by the porn itself but by how appathetic I felt the Apple store was to me as a legitimate customer. Now instead of a new Apple laptop/display combo I'm considering a HP Touchsmart instead.

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  1. Ha! Totally laughing at your post. So true, so true. I dread going into Apple stores for this and other like reasons. See the iStink section of an old post:

    The Apple stores backfired. They look inviting, as long as you don't go inside.