Sunday, September 28, 2008

When to Block and When to Friend People in Facebook

Some people don't deserve your online friendship. You know who I'm talking about, the ones who take and take but never give.

Here are 10 reasons to unfriend people in facebook:

1. Never add a person who you can't trust.

2. That housemate you had in college who stiffed you on the security deposit. BLOCK!!!

3. Facebook is for friends. If you're not sure about a new friend (because you haven't seen this person for 15 years) then give them the benefit of the doubt. If they start getting annoying then don't hesitate to BLOCK! them later on.

4. The Mayor of your city. It's like spam overload, make it stop.

5. Size doesn't matter. The number of friends you have is not what matters. KEEP the nice re-acquaintances from College and High School. DELETE the perverts and stalkers.

6. Don't use facebook to be annoying just by advertising to everybody all the time. BLOCK the heavy self marketers who suck your time.

7. The tech/internet people who are just testing out the facebook UI. Or if you used to work with folks, who weren't nice, here's where you draw the line. Your email address was imported along with 400 other people in their contacts anyway.

8. DELETE the wanna be rock stars (unless they are actually your friends). is the social network for music.

9. The former manager who drove you to quit. I don't care how many people they know, that's all they have going for them! Never ever reward jerky managers with your friendship after the fact. Otherwise that's like rewarding banks for making bad loans!

People who aren't real people. OK now I know some of these "avatars" can be amusing to some people some of the time. But they get in the way of the "social utility" of Facbook. Block them!

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