Monday, February 18, 2008

NOT Coming Full Circle

My dear friend Helen let the cat out of the bag on Friday. I am moving back to the east coast, giving up on the city of sub culture in search of oh-so-much-more.

A week prior I ran into an old co-worker in the elevator of 111 Sutter Street. Jackass-John W. couldn't help but make some snide remark about "coming full circle" when I had the unfortunate moment trapped in the elevator with him. No, jackass, I'm not coming full circle. I suspect however that YOU are coming full circle. How is your start-up doing anyway?

Meanwhile, at Ogilvy One, my work is going smoother than ever. Nobody's freaking out about money, nobody freaks out about anything. They are well managed. They know what they're doing, and you can feel it. It's so nice! I never remember Xcom or UsWeb or RedGorilla being well managed. Ever.

Anyway, I'm away to develop my own creative ideas hopefully into something cool. Time is linear. Only the future will reveal my path.

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