Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No You Don't

Nobody reads this blog. Especially, not a single recruiter or any of my clients so here I go...

I broke up with my sugar daddy yesterday. Very casually, on the phone, on of my clients just isn't into his start-up company anymore. (secretly, I couldn't be happier.) He said he realized, over the last month that developing a new website would be a lot more tedious than he thought. It must have been that user survey I made him do over Thanksgiving. I think he now sees the disconnect between geeky ideas and what people actually want. Just trying to talk to the 2 engineers and manage that process was an unbelievable hassle for a tiny project. I wish I had nicer things to say about the engineers on this one, but I don't.

Meanwhile the recruiters keep banging on my door. Which is great, I guess. Oh yeah, remember all those wasted interview hours in 2007? NOT AGAIN! One job description asks for a Design Manager, but if you read it, it's very poorly written, it was probably all cut and pasted together. Most of the skills listed were programming skills, so I was dumbfounded by why they were calling this a "design manager" job. Another job description I got was for a strait up engineer, a "UI Engineer", DELETE! Recruiters can be the dumbest, laziest professionals in the world. It absolutely amazes me how they never fail to waste your time.

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