Monday, July 2, 2007

Back at The Kitchen Table

Happy July! It's great to be back at the kitchen table working independently for a number of clients. What are we up to now? A few logos. A presentation for Always On. A few interviews (of course), and a lot of search engine marketing work.

This weekend, despite the iphone, the news media got down on all of tech.

New York Times
The Cult of the Amateur
How Today’s Internet Is Killing Our Culture
By Andrew Keen
228 pages. Doubleday. $22.95.

Mr. Keen postulates (and I have to agree),

What you may not realize is that what is free is actually costing us a fortune,” Mr. Keen writes. “The new winners — Google, YouTube, MySpace, Craigslist, and the hundreds of start-ups hungry for a piece of the Web 2.0 pie — are unlikely to fill the shoes of the industries they are helping to undermine, in terms of products produced, jobs created, revenue generated or benefits conferred. By stealing away our eyeballs, the blogs and wikis are decimating the publishing, music and news-gathering industries that created the original content those Web sites ‘aggregate.’ Our culture is essentially cannibalizing its young, destroying the very sources of the content they crave.

SF Chronicle
Tuning Out Technology
Pressures of the wired world drive some to cut back on email and electronic gadgets
By Edward Guthmann

Hmm maybe it's time for a "technology sabbatical" in order to find some real culture?

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