Thursday, June 14, 2007

Competitive loans from real human beings.

I am currently consulting at and we just launched our referral program. I made all the spiffy buttons :)

Right now I'm loaning money to some folks using Prosper and I'm earning OVER 15% interest on those loans. I feel like a banker! If I could stomach more risk I could earn as much as 29%.

Now, if you become a lender (and I refer you) we both get a $25 referral bonus. So click on my button wontcha, and check out

Prosper is an eBay like lending platform where people get a loan from other human beings. There are NO BANKS! Need a way to pay for that iPhone you've been coveting? Engagement ring? Car? Medical bill... Don’t pay 29% to you credit card, come to Prosper.

Earn 8-12%. Great Returns. No Banks.

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